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 Posted: 02-04-2008 04:25 am
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TXJH wrote: I'm doing a body off restoration here in The Woodlands.  I'm always up for a meeting involving LBC's and some Shiner Bock

Brian Corbett
Sure would be great to have you in our little group.  Join us at
and spread the word around.  I'd sure like to find more JH owners around, it gets me jazzed when I see what other owners are getting done in restoring and sourcing for their cards...  and gives me a spark when I realize I might be doing a decent job on mine!

Texas has a reputation for having a pretty high number of Jensen original owners.  I don't  know how the stats are these days, but I'm hoping we can gather up a few interested folks and at least have a little brisket, beer, and british petrol mixed together this May.  Sound like a plan?