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 Posted: 02-01-2008 07:02 pm
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David Harrel and I have been working on one using two of the mid-sized Harbor Freight stands and a mostly-bolt-up design using stock square steel.  Because it's a metric steel stand it fits nicely inside standard US tubular.

Here it is so far....

Notes:  We used the rear "axle" for the front stablizer, added a longer rear axle, cut the vertical tube and added a "collar" that can be drilled for height to fit just about any sport-sized unibody.  The vertical member was canted back to handle the weight of an engine block, so we offset the holes to true up the vertical member and make it plumb to the ground.

Oh, it also came with two fixed steel wheels and two pivoting casters.  We're keeping the two casters on each stand and adding two locking casters (ditching the wheels which would limit travel of the unit.)

Total cost of the two stands was about $85, steel ran about $50, and by the time we're done, more steel bolts and casters probably another $40.  So well under $200 and we've got a full service rotisserie for his JH (and later mine!)

Who knows, maybe other regional Texas JH owners!