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 Posted: 02-01-2008 05:24 am
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Well, my friend David Harrel and I are building (or rather I'm pointing and talking and he's got boundless energy) a "Jensen" rotisserie to be initiated with his off-body restoration he's in the midst of.  I'll let him tell the love story of this car he's had more then half his life in two chapters, but the pictorial is up on his site starting with the eBay sales photos.

Check out that coolio rotisserie.  It all unbolts nicely for flat storage.  And it might be available on-loan to reputable regional Texas chapter members, so join up at Yahoo Groups!

CAVEAT: Remember, this is a contact-bio-pix and e-mail distro group, not a forum chatty place or repository for tech info.  That's why we're also HERE!!

(More wine, Greg!?!)