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 Posted: 01-29-2008 06:04 pm
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Harkes wrote: I could try and make a picture of the seal if interested? Indeed the aluminium is a little soft, so one has to be careful when tightening the locking ring.
Good luck

I'd really like a photo and/or description of what you came up with, as I will be dealing with this next month.  If you have a photo, or sketch with dimensions and a description of the materials used, I'd be very grateful.

Greg, I agree this "build" is a disappointment.  However, unless I'm mis-reading things, it seems the only big issue here is the sending unit area.  I will do a water test (no pressure) to check the welds this weekend, and see how my welds are.

Again, os there any value in pressure testing the tank and if so, at what PSI?  I thought as a 70s car it would be vented through the cannister, so no pressure build-up would occur.  Any pressure build up I would think would be nominal, but I defer to those more experienced for guidance!

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