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 Posted: 01-26-2008 01:39 pm
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This is going to be a great event. Jeff and Laura have worked tirelessly on this international event, and I believe they have put together something special. Nearby Corning, is really neat place with the highly acclaimed glass museum which I think everybody will like. I guarantee after a visit to the glass museum, Jensenites will come away with a unique appreciation for the properties of glass. I believe for a small fee they teach people how to blow glass and make something to bring home. I think they also teach glass "etching" also. There is a huge gift shop in case you sucked at making something out of glass and would like to bring something respectable home with you.

Also, Pete Bahr  found an interesting bar in downtown Corning ( he seems to have a knack for gravitating to those areas). He said it reminded him of his days in the Navy. Personally, I have never experienced a bar with such character and sophistication.

There are really unique antique shops which are located all around the Watkins, Glen, Corning area.


The JARTS tournament will be an instant classic event. Since I was a second round draft choice in college for the Jarts team, I am looking forward to an intense competition.  I think Brett Gibson has tossed a Jart or two, so he and Kathy will be skilled players.

I am looking forward to seeing Andy's Volvo 1800. I hope he is able to bring it this year.