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 Posted: 01-22-2008 10:44 pm
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Well crap.  I just got my JH newsletter today, and have read with trepidation about the Aluminum tanks.  Of course, last summer I considered carefully and looked at options, then laid down the hard bucks to Jorge.  Caveat Emptor.  It looked reasonably like a tank, and the welds were generous.  I will NOT fight the good fight over who is right and what is good workmanship, but will try to salvage what's here. 

Given the experiences outlined in the JH article, I'm open for a roundtable of suggestions on how to proceed with this new aluminum tank that's virgo-in-tank-ta.  ;)

Possiblities I've considered (please suggest your own):
1.  Thorougly measure this sucker against the exisiting rusty steel tank, esp. as pertains to dimensions around the neck.
2.  Pressure test the tank, and/or skip to 3.
3.  Pre-emptively seal the inside of the tank with  ___________?  (insert name of favorite tank sealer goo here).

If anyone else has purchased an aluminum tank from aforementioned supplier and has comments, I'd appreciate them sharing their experience, either here or via PM.  You can e-mail me personally through jensen at audiowizardry dot com.

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