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 Posted: 01-20-2008 01:25 am
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Well, Brett and Jeff/Laura are certainly correct in their description and excitement about the event at Watkins Glen.  I was part of a visit with Brett, Jeff, Laura and others, and can atttest to all they say.  It's going to be a fantastic event - unlike any of the others.  There is so much to see and do in that area that it would be well worth spending extra time there before or after the Internationals East.  Check out  for leads to other hot spots.

For any Jensen person that has ever watched more than 2 minutes of any racing show on TV, they must be interested in racing (my wife can't take more than 5 seconds).  Just think of driving around the same racetrack that has seen Niki Lauda, Jackie Stewart and Emerson Fittipaldi win Formula 1 races, Al Holbert, Derek Bell, Terry Labonte, Jeff Gordon and many other famous drivers winning NASCAR and other series.  Even Jensens have run at this track in anger - see below for a pix of Jim Reilly leading the very quick GT2 Porsche 944 of Jim Goughary at Watkins Glen track.

I think we might have a record attendace at this event.

I've heard that Jeff is the Jarts champion of Western NY State, so watch that he doesn't hustle you into a match........

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