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 Posted: 01-16-2008 11:49 pm
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It's back and beautiful.    It's like a new car, only better with the 2.2 upgrade.  Not to keen on the load exaust supplied by DMS so that will need a bit of work.
When I started to look it over it with a more critical eye, I discovered a few blems that need care.
First is the wood dash, cracked and looking very bad but with all of the feedback on this subject and the JHPS magazine that isn't such a problem.
The big problem is the rear view mirror.  After sitting in the garage for 12 years with the occasional restart, I really didn't look in the rear view mirror once.  Finally complete I picked it up and drove it home.  Yuk.
Is it possible to recoat the mirror, or is their a direct replacement?  I did a bit of checking on the internet, but really didn't find a good solution or supplier.