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 Posted: 01-11-2008 07:43 pm
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When I restored #15851 I did so without a rotisserie, hard work! When I started planning the work on a 1974 MGB Roadster I decided that media blasting, most of the bodywork, undercoating, painting and some reasembly was best done on a rotisserie. I just loaded up to the JHPS Gallery pics of the rotisserie that I made from two modified engine stands (original parts are in orange) that are tied together by two long rectangular steel tubes.  I had to fabricate adaptor plates to suit the MGB, as you would with any car. One note from the wise, if you make a rotisserie be sure that you either know where the center of gravity is or, as I did, make it adjustable. If you get it wrong you will have a lot of trouble rotating the shell. The total cost for this was $420 excluding the rectangular tube which I already had.

When I'm done I can still use either end of the rotisserie as an engine stand and adapt it later for another type of car. The engine stands, unmodified, are rated at 1200lb each. Modified they are probably several hundred lb stronger. The MGB body shell weighs just 600lb, so I'm well within any safety limits. The car spins nicely and so far has saved hours of work, has made this work so much easier and will result in a better more thorough job. Both for myself and the media blaster.  Good luck, Colin

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