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 Posted: 01-04-2008 03:50 am
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purchased in march 07 feel very stupid i am a car guy and i have never seen one till mine even owned a 72 tr6 and 2 norton bikes and a triumph bike but a jensen healey ?  any way mine is a 73 #13076 original engine i think what the number is i dont know i am not sure of where to look the head has ag33 on it and the but the car has the laycock de normanville d type overdrive. i welded new floors in it this summer the purchase price was 100 dollars [ex teacher without the means] blown rear wheel bearings [since rebuilt]  and i had it running that afternoon quite an exaust bark to it  i put a flowmaster on it [not quiet] i have heard that these cars did not come with this overdrive so i guess it was installed by some one any info would be appreciated.    thanks        mark