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 Posted: 01-02-2008 06:49 pm
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Update on the leaking fuel tank problem.

The tank was returned to Jauguars by Jorge for repair.  Was told that a new tank was sent in its place, but it was the same tank.  The tank still leaked at the sending unit port.  Jorge indicated that it is necessary to use silicon to create a good seal, but my mechanic refused and returned the tank to Jauguars by Jorge.  To date I have been charged $155.00 shipping by Jorge, two and one half hours labor, return shipping times two and I have no tank.  All in all I am out about $450.00.

Jorge's response to all of this was "sue me" and a few other choice expletives that I am not allowed to repeat on this sight.

The craftmanship of these tanks is at best OK.  While the tank is physically the same the welds are not good and the sending unit port is a problem.  If you have purchased one of these tanks please keep an eye on it.  Welds do fail with time and the sending unit seal is suspect.

My recommendation is to repair your existing tank if possilbe.