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 Posted: 01-02-2008 01:56 pm
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Mitch Ware

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Someone has taken parts off of a later car and attached them to an earlier car. The center console perhaps off of a GT (electric window lift switches). The LATE 74's had the clock in the glove box door, not next to the steering wheel. also, this car looks like it has the vinyl "woodgrain" rather than actual wood of the later cars. And of course it doesn't have the big black bumpers that came out in 74.  The VIN of 17821 is about 2000 lower than the car I have which is 19670, and has a commision date of 12/30/74.

If it were my car, rather than do an expensive engine swap, I'd spend the money on building a 2.2L 907, keep that nice light weight while putting out plenty of power without fubaring the handling.

Mitch Ware