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 Posted: 01-01-2008 03:58 pm
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The only rust I've been able to find has been surface rust around some of the crome trim. Apillar and such. This car may be restored to it's original condition or we might just rip her down and throw my 5.0L into her and make something close to a SC cobra like shelby did with the austin healey years ago. I've even had the change to look inside the combustion chamber and it's super clean in there.

IF you can see the odometer in the pic that is actually the original miles on it. It never clocked over and the original owner had it garaged kept for years.

I love the look of these cars but I'm a ford guy. To me the Ford motor brings reliability and power this car has never known. But as I'm typing this I'm watching the barrett jackson auction and wonder if this car could ever reach greatness and serious collectors value.