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 Posted: 05-18-2005 04:38 pm
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It's just my own personal opinion but I feel there's a big difference between waiting for something worthwhile and feeding a parasite. The parasite did eventually deliver an acceptable top. But that was long after he consumed our money and only after a protracted pitched battle with our group leader. If I had to do it again I would not under any circumstances do business with that idiot, ever, period!

But that's just me.

On the other hand, our comrade Steve, who has done a marvelous resto that we all drool over, installed a Prestige top on his car. It's really nice, made out of top quality Haartz fabric and was diligently delivered as promised.

Now we find A.A. Best selling on eBay (they've been around a while but I've never seen them on eBay before). I haven't spoken with anybody that has an A.A. Best canvas top so I have no idea what to expect in the way of quality other than that they use Haartz fabric as well. It would be great for somebody to step up to the challenge, be our beta tester and report back.

I guess some people may be concerned about trying a new, "unknown" vendor. True, it is a risk to try an unknown vendor on eBay, even one with a 99.9% approval rate from over 1400 responses. What is the risk of trying a "known" vendor with a 90+% adamant disapproval rate?

Ya got'ta love eBay. A.A. Best's "Buy It Now" prices are listed as $302 for canvas and $199 for vinyl. If you go to A.A. Best's website the prices are listed as $269 for canvas and $179 for vinyl. They also list tan canvas as an option.