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 Posted: 12-19-2007 08:20 pm
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For those of you that haven't heard yet, Dana McPeek passed away the night before last.  He had been battling congestive heart failure for a while and he finally passed.  He passed quietly in his sleep. 

Dana was a very outspoken and brash fella.  He always made me laugh and I considered him a good friend.

He certainly knew everyone in Southern Cali with a Jensen.  I was constantly getting a call from him to go look at yet another Jensen. 

And, he didn't just polish his cars.  He drove the wheels off of them! No cushy Sunday afternoons of pussing around the roads.  I was always trying to catch up to him driving 100mph around the mountains here in SoCal.  Just a couple of weeks ago we made the run up to Julian from San Diego.  It was CHILLY up there.  But, we took his favorite back roads and put 2 Jensens thru their paces. 

I'll miss those sporting drives thru the mountains, having him call me a %$#@$$$ Frenchie, and telling me to 'keep up if you can'.

I think Rick tried to post something yesterday but I didn't see it so I thought I would let everyone know.