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 Posted: 12-06-2007 02:10 pm
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Judson Manning

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Section 'K' in my shop manual has a drawing of the monocoque dimensions entitled "chassis alignment check".  I'm assuming this drawing was meant for body shops with fairly sophisticated measuring equiment.

There is a measurement of 827mm (32.6") for the out-to-out frame rail measurement at the front of the car (agrees with 17500). The drawing doesn't carry these dimensions past the rear suspension pick-up points.

My suggestion is to check the frame rail dimensions from front to back and see if that extra inch is a gradual thing or if it comes on suddenly.  A sudden departure from 32" would indicate where any damage may be located. 

Alternatively, 19658 is pretty late in the production cycle and the tooling may have gotten a bit out of tollerance.  At any rate the critical aspect really is the rigidity of the monocoque and not necessarily its dimensional accuracy.