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 Posted: 12-06-2007 09:18 am
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Hi, I think i was one of the first to buy this aluminium tank from Gorge. The tank is great but indeed the white plastic ring to seat the tank sending unit won't seal properly.

i didn't use the white plastic ring which came also suggested by someone else on the board who had already tried this and it would leak.

I also found out it leaked using this white plastic ring. The problem is that the plastic ring is too hard and too thick and when using too much force it will bend the fingers of the locking ring (or break even)

The rubber seal is much better, however when you use the original rubber seal you find it won't seal well as it is too thin. I then used and purschased a second rubber seal.

One rubber seal i have put between sending unit and the tank, the other i used between locking ring and the sending unit....and it is a tight fit