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 Posted: 12-06-2007 02:31 am
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For another JH I had (74 #17500) I built a rolling frame out of steel I had so I could move the body around while I worked on it. There were four uprights (one for each corner) that were located at the front and rear positions of the two rails that run under the car. When I measured the old car's rails at the front I got an outside-outside measurement of 32" and an inside-side measurement of 28". The rear points were measured at 31 3/4 outside-outside. Pretty close.

The car I am working on now (74 #19658) is fully stripped down and I am checking out the damage the car has to fix it. While on the rotissiere I measure the rails and the fronts are the same. The backs are not. The back measures 31" out-out and 27" in-in. In checking the body over I do not see anything that could account for the differnce. There is some small creasing near the passenger rear wheel well but that appears to be just at that area. I do not see any other signs to explain the difference. Except if I write it off to the fact that these cars were hand built. But since they were built on a frame to keep things in the right place (hopefully) I'm wondering if this is something to worry about.

Does anyone have any info on this or could measure their cars and let me know the measurements.

I'm also posting this to the Jensen mail list.