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 Posted: 12-05-2007 01:46 am
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Great info as usual Judson, thanks.

I was shocked myself when I realized just how lean the mains where.  I just hope the combo of lean/ with a rich pump jet didn't damage the valves or seats (stainless $$).  I'm going to run a leakdown test to make sure.  I'll check the shim too.

It's funny that you mention the anti-popping setup, that is extremely interesting to me.  Do you mean just go with a simple flat gasket instead?  I thought these things where developed to stop the problem of sneezing and coughing?

My cams are still somewhat mysterious.  They are a modified 104 stlye profile ground by Elgin cams.  The previous owner spec'd them out but never gave me the actual duration, lobe centers, etc.  All I know is that its a great top end cam, with slightly better torque than you would expect from a 104. 

I was able to finally find 37mm chokes through an ebay store.

It lists their location to be Gilroy, CA which makes me think this might be the storefront for Pierce Manifolds. 

My new setup will be:

Emulsion Tube                            F4
Main Jet                                    150
Air Corrector                              170
Idle Jet                                       55 F12
Choke                                        37
Auxiliary Venturi                         4.5
Pump Jet                                    45
Pump Exhaust                            40
Stroke Pump Actuator Rod          14mm
Float Level                                8.5-15mm