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 Posted: 12-04-2007 02:13 am
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Hello all,

I find myself floating between 36mm chokes and 38mm chokes on my DCOE setup.  I vaguely remember hearing about a rare 37mm choke for the webers, but can't seem to find them anywhere.  I know they are more common for the Del's.  Anyone seen the 37's for a DCOE?

My setup seems to run great but it sneezes and coughs under hard deceleration in most gears.  I have modified the timing a few degrees and the problem gets a little better when I advance the inital timing. 

One possible reason for the issue is a too light pump jet spring?

This is my setup, its a high compression 2 liter with a flowed head and manifold, headers:

Emulsion Tube                           F3 or F4
Main Jet                                    125
Air Corrector                               170
Idle Jet                                       55 F9
Choke                                        38
Auxiliary Venturi                        4.5
Pump Jet                                    55
Pump Exhaust                            40
Stroke Pump Actuator Rod        14mm
Float Level                                8.5-15mm

Next to lightest pump jet spring