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 Posted: 11-20-2007 03:51 am
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Dan Eiland


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I just fitted my engine and Ford T5 transmission into my car for a trial fit
with my A/C compressor installed and it fits fine with one exception--no
room for my radiator fan shroud. Now I'm thinking of modifying the front
sheetmetal to move the radiator forward a couple inches so I have enough
room to get my fan shroud into the engine compartment and still have enough
room up front to fit my A/C condensor and electric fans as well as my oil
cooler. ...................Move forward an hour...I just came from my garage
where I just pulled my radiator and fan shroud off the shelf and installed
them into my engine compartment--or at least tried. The radiator fits fine
but the fan shroud just won't fit. The crankshaft pulley used with the A/C
compressor is just a hair too far forward. Is it possible to move the engine
back about a quarter inch? I have enough room at the back of the engine
compartment and there is enough room at the shifter location to go back a
quarter inch, so the real question has to do with the motor mounts--will
they allow for another quarter inch travel toward the back of the engine
compartment? Anyone know for sure?

Dan Eiland
1974 JH 15069
2.2L with Ford T5 5 speed

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