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 Posted: 11-12-2007 03:07 pm
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It seems that the owner of these two cars feels that I misrepresented their condition in my prevoious posts on this web site.  In order to correct this I will quote the parts of his e-mail to me that are relevant, and by using his words, there will be no further discrepancies.

"First off- the red car IS restorable, it has NOT been flooded as you state- which implies the ENGINE was flooded- as I told you on the telephone, the yard my Dad had these sitting in did flood once, that is WHY they were moved- at the time the yard flooded, the water only got into the floorpans, up to one inch above the bottom of door opening, it got the very bottom of seat cushions wet, and of course the floor pans, and drained out after about 20 minutes- it was NOT flooded two feet into car as you have erroneously stated. The car was wet vacked and dryed out, then placed into INSIDE SECURE STORAGE at UNCLE BOBS storage facilty for the remainder of the time ( from 1987 on) until 2005, at which time I had to clear out 27 vehichles that my dad had stored in storage- this car and the parts car were taken via flatbed trailer to a friends shop- up by where you live, where they sat , under a tarp for one almost a year. I am clueless where you got info either of these cars were ever stored in some BARN somewhere.
I have since had them moved to my 14 acre farm property here in Southeast Georgia, about one hour from Savannah.
I have had the red car looked at by a mechanic, and the engine indeed does need the oil drained and replaced, carbs cleaned, and new gasoline- not to mention the gas tank needs to be put back in."