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 Posted: 11-10-2007 05:53 am
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Your engine looks very familiar. I think it looks a lot like mine except I have not painted the covers yet. With the help of a lot of people on this forum, including yourself, and the JH list, I was able to rebuild my own engine. It too, is a 2.2L stroked JH engine with the tri-jet Dellorto 45 carburetors. I have the 104 cams with the enlarged ss exhaust valves but stock size intake valves. The head has been ported and polished and the intake manifold has also been ported and polished. I'm using the later cam carriers from a Turbo Esprit which I have to thank Garry Kemp for supplying them to me. I'm using the JE 10.5:1 HC pistons supplied by DMS. I had the hollow steel inserts added to all ten of the bolts surrounding my main bearings to help stabalize and strengthen the bottom end a little. I also enlarged the water inlet in the block where the water travels from the pump into the block. I can now get my thumb through the passage where I couldn't before. I also added the water port to the back of the head by the number four cylinder which is the same as Lotus did for there cars. Since I'm adding an aftermarket A/C system to my car I hope the modifications to my cooling system will help keep the car cool during our 115^ weather in the summers. Have attached a photo for people to see how my engine is coming along.

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