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 Posted: 11-08-2007 08:11 pm
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1973 #13057 alive and kicking in Western Kentucky (soon to be back home in CA).

Don't know the engine number, but I'm pretty sure it's not the original.  Purchased this car over 10 years ago off a used car lot in Hopkinsville, KY.  The original owner was an airline pilot who retired from California to our famous Lake Barkley.  According to him, his wife got tired of rolling out on the ground to get out of it and he sold it to another couple who wanted "an old convertible".  You know the story, of course, they would have been better off with a '65 Mustang or a '56 Chevy.  So, it didn't last long there.  Some one at the used car lot (I won't even call it a "dealer") talked the owner into buying it because it was a "rare" car.  I got it cheap because I was the only one who actually knew what it was and showed some interest in it.  My son drove it daily to high school and then I became the custodian of it again while he was at the US Coast Guard Academy.  He took it to Pensacola with him for Primary Flight Training and left it with me again while in Corpus Christi for Advanced.  I suspect I'll be taking care of it until he moves to his new duty station, Sacramento, CA next spring.  It was originally that very '70's Mustard color but now happily Viper Red.  A ton of spare parts, including an engine, 2 transmissions, rear end and fuel tank.

Woo, that's more than you wanted to know.  BTW, the personalized tag reads "RARE 1"  You can see more about it and my other treasures at