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 Posted: 11-08-2007 02:55 am
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Hi Guys,

Guess I must have time to spare, since I've been looking at old posts in the Forum.

About time I answered the questions posted by Judson and Jim - guess I did not have the trigger to "Notify me by email when replies are posted...":

I've posted some of this before, but here's the summary of what's in YELODOG:
  • Weber info.
    • Main Venturi:  36 mm
    • Aux Venturi:  4.5 mm
    • Main Jet:  135 F3 180
    • Idle Jet:  50F9
    • Start Jet:  60F5
    • Accel Pump Jet:  45
  • Spark Plug.  (I have Electromotive Crank-Fire Ignition)
    • 0.038 gap
    • Autolite #64
  • Timing.
    • Idle:  5 deg
    • 3000: 27 deg
    • 7000: 29 deg
  • Emissions.
    • HC:  1250
    • CO2:  6.5
    • NO:  20
    • CO:  8
    • O2:  6
  • Gas Mileage.
    • Highway:  21.1 mpg
    • On track:  16-18 mpg
Cams are special ones ground by Richard Reyman at West Coast Cylinder Heads in Reseda, CA, when he built the engine.

Below 4000 rpm, the engine is just fine - lots of torque (well, enough for me).

The hp and torque curves posted are Crankshaft values.

Don't blast me for using cheap spark plugs.  Fact is that plugs that wear actually throw red hot debris (think of spark discharge machining) into the cylinder, helping ignition.  So, in this case wear of the electrodes is good.  Replace them every 2-3000 miles - they only cost about a buck each !