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 Posted: 11-06-2007 02:01 pm
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Hi Pete

thanks for this, I did however ended up buying the brand new aluminium fuel tank and placed it. It leaked at first at the fuel sender unit. That had to do with the new plastic seal that came with the tank. I am using now 2 rubber seals and have a tight fit now.

I didn't paint the outer side of the alu tank, but did place rubber underneath the tank straps, behind and under the tank.


You are making those rubber boot thingy's for the clutch/bellhousing, correct? I have a Lotus excel bellhousing and a toyota supra 5 sp. Do you think it will fit this bellhousing? Can you give me the exact measurements of your rubber boot?

I'm also interested in the engine damper; do you require both brackets - damper to firewall AND damper to bellhousing or only the one to the firewall?