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 Posted: 11-04-2007 02:26 pm
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I'm looking for a recommendation for a new convertible top. When we bought the car it came with an EZ On replacement that had been purchased several years earlier but never installed. I ran into the same problem with the rear bar as mentioned in another post. I talked with Randy (I believe) who suggested slitting the material. This worked and we completed the install.

The next issue is that there doesn't appear to be enough material from side to side at the body behind the doors to fasten the roof with either velcro or snaps. With one side relatively in place the other side is a good 1.5" from the body. It sounds like this is one of the tops that suffered from the multiple 1/16" or cutting errors as mentioned in the other post. I'd return it but it's way past any warranty period or even knowing where it was purchased.

So still need something to keep the rain out. From what I've read either the Robbins or a Caribou Canvas tops seem to be well made and good options. Any comments or alternatives? Thanks for your input.


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