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 Posted: 03-16-2005 01:02 pm
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Dan (Florida)


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I have a rear oil seal that came with the car that I cannot use since the engine requires the older rope seal. I don't need it  and would like to see it used rather than adding to the decor of my  shop.  I'm sure it is not new but seems in good shape.   Will give it away to a good home.  First post willing to send a s.a.s.e. mailer can have it .


ps    I changed out the bearings in the cam belt idler pulley the other day and made a slight change that makes the process of cam belt tensioning easier.  I don't have the special wrench to adjust the belt from the back of the pulley, so I cut flat sides on the retaining washer on the front of the pulley 1" apart to accept a 1" wrench. This allows tightening the belt from the front without the special wrench or removing the alternator to get at the adjusting nut behind the pulley.  The trick is to loosen the nut just enough to adjust the belt tension but tight enough for it to hold while you tighten the nut.