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 Posted: 10-04-2007 04:00 pm
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Greg Fletcher

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I started my project engine last weekend (yippy!) for the first time and things are going pretty well so far. The engine sounds great. Few problems with the exception that the timing sprocket decided to start grinding itself into the auxuillary housing, grrr.

This is basically a stock engine that I have rebuilt and it has all the stock Stromberg & emission stuff attached (don't even ask). My problem is that I've only just noticed that I have a vacuum leak from a strange brass tube that is only on the rear Stromberg, underneath, in back, pointing down to the engine, next to the intake manifold. It is clearly part of the emission/vacuum circuit that would appear to be a vent for the rear float chamber. My old JH didn't have that tube. I have several sets of Strombergs piled up and none of them have that tube either. I'm stumped, does anyone have any idea where/what that brass tube should be connected to on the factory set up?