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 Posted: 09-20-2007 03:35 am
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Everyone knows Minilite and panasport, my pocketbook dosen't go up to those numbers most of the time.  When I was faced with needing a new set of wheels for a custom project (my JH is flared) I found two that I hadn't seen anyone talking about:

1) Diamond Racing wheels (

A simple, no-nonsense all steel stamped wheel nascar style.  They have a few lightweight options including 12-20lbs wheels, which are great for a steel wheel.  My 15x8 weight only 16lbs.  They will make the wheel in any offset you need and have the rare 4x4 pattern.  Shipped to my door for around $80 a wheel and took only 3 weeks.  These are great wheels- who says you need aluminum and magnesium when your on a budget?  Make good backups.

2) Superlite wheels (

Nice copies of minilite stlye wheels made in Australia from what I understand.  Decent quality castings and low cost ($150 a wheel).  Got mine in 4x4 no problem, and with a hard to get backspace.  Great selection if you need 13" wheels up to 16" for the JH, don't know if they make an exact replacement sized for the stock wheels. 

Chris Morlock

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