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 Posted: 09-20-2007 04:21 am
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Vin #10777 1973

Beautiful and unique JH I bought in 2005 from the second owner who had restored and customized it since 1974.  Was an engine fire victim in 1973 (probably an oil fire), previous owner purchased it at an auction.

Unique features:

Fiberglass hood

Body taken apart and re-seam welded together

Custom all-steel worked fender flares (absolutely best fender job ever, I really believe all the JH needed styling wise was some decent flares and we would be talking about a JH like an Austin- meaning $30k’s instead of $3k’s)

Chromemoly rollbar

Jennsport big brakes – aluminum 4 piston calipers (x2 the stopping power literally- a little fade), runs silicone fluid

Engine is a built 77 Elcat 907 2.0 liter (honest 200hp), knife edged crank, 10.5 to 1 forged aluminum pistons, weber 45 dcoe’s jetted for 4500-6000rpm performance, Elgin cams (custom grind better than any 104 or 107 cam, idles well), all racing oiling mods, custom tubular headers, 2” exhaust all the way to the back, ported and polished head, oversize stainless valves, still has stock ignition with points, custom intake velocity stacks (made by a fellow in Germany who turns them out of billet 7075)

All stainless lines (fuel, oil, and brake)

Sitting on 15x8 wheels (currently Diamond Racing, a simple steel wheel, have a set of Superlites ready to go on) with 225/50/15 rubber

Man who made this was the previous owner, who is a master fabricator who usually makes planes (he took me up in a 48’ aircoupe he restored, an absolute blast!).  He owned a car resto business for years, and it shows.  Since 2005 I removed the interior and sandblasted the panels and laid down some thick rust-proofing paint to make sure no rust issues ever even got started.  Also went through the engine. 
Spare engines:
77 Elcat 907 B77.10.4343

Chris Morlock

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