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 Posted: 09-06-2007 08:10 pm
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Frank Schwartz


I had two of those floating ball jobs and they performed so badly that I gave them away.
I bought (at of all places from J.C. Whitney) a German made unit that actually has a
dial gauge on it and can be adjusted to read at idle or higher RPMs, too. .  I can actually breathe through it
and it will give a reading.  It's about thirty bucks and worth, at least to me, three times
that.    I can give you the J.C. Whitney stock number if you really want a gauge you can
easily read and you don't have to have the engine revved up to get a reading...
Why people hang with that floating ball thing is beyond me.  I had to have the engine
revved up to get a reading on either of the units and at idle, to get a reading, it almost
choked the engine to a stop.....  they are no longer in my shop and I am so glad.....