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 Posted: 08-16-2007 03:58 pm
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Jensen Healey values are certainly in the toilet, but I didn't know they were that worthless.  Last year a 5 speed car here in KY was listed on ebay.  I looked at the car and it was a serious project.  I bid $1500 but was outbid and it sold for more than $4000.  I'd give a thousand for the one you're looking at right now.  

If you want a car to drive, buy one that's ready to roll.  If you want a project and can do the work yourself, this might be a good project for you.  If you are going to have someone else work on it, forget it.  Very few people know about these cars, and the cost will far exceed the value of the car.  If you pass on it, please send me the seller's contact information.

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