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 Posted: 08-15-2007 01:03 pm
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The piece of stainless trim that fits around the base of the windshield fits close to the glass at the edges of the windshield but is almost one half inch away from the glass at the center of the windshield and filled with sealer.  this makes the gap between the  trim piece and the rear edge of the hood much smaller where the wiper arms won't hide behind the hood. The wiper arms as well  will not climb up over the trim when they park.   I am assuming that the wiper arms in a properly set up car are concealed behind the hood. 

Does anyone else have this big gap or has my windshield been "bodgered" by an amatuer.  I would hate to think that the factory did this.

One other question,   my drivers side wiper arm is straight and the passenger side has a slight bend to it that makes the wiper blade not park neatly.  It kind of sticks out at the lower edge.  Aren't both arms supposed to be straight??