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 Posted: 08-02-2007 12:17 am
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Thanks for your replies. I looked into it further tonight and used carb cleaner as suggested and verified the vaccum advance has been disabled. Hooked a timing light up and got her set at 12^ as suggested throughout this board as I have installed pertronix conversion kit on her. She was still running fast so I looked closer at the idle screws and notice niether were touching. All of a sudden I realized that the new reusable valve/cam cover gaskets are thicker than the original. Sure enough the throttle cable was retaining tension. I adjusted this out and reset the throttle screws and bam she is idling at 8-900. She is still running a bit rough and rich as cam be so next will be to adjust and balance the carbs. I have never done this so it too will be a learning experience. Thanks again for your time and advice.