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 Posted: 07-25-2007 04:43 pm
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Well I tried the Soda Blast process on one wheel.  I am not sure if it was the blaster or what but the wheel look like crap now plus it took about 40 minutes to do one at a cost of $80.00.  The soda is a very fine and very abrasive material.  So it works great on removing paint from steel or any other surface, but will also remove layers of aluminum as well.
I would not recomment this process.
Also if you are considering this process for removing rust, it will remove heavy rust, but not surface rust, so you might as well get out the grinder or sand blaster.

As a side note, I ended up going with a set of 15 inch Surperlites from Pack Racing Products, and set of 205-50 Michelin Exaltos PE2's.  I did end up exchanging the 195/60s because the fronts were so close to the lower edge of the fender in a lock position.  Thanks to the guys at America's Tire for not charging me for the re-mount and re-balance.  The great thing about Pack Racing is that they bore what ever bolt patter you want on a CNC.  These tires look massive compared to the 185-70s, but until Huffaker gets the 2.2 in the car I won't be doing much driving.  Should be a couple of weeks.

OK, so I ended up at about $1200.00 for wheels and tires.  I figure, with what goes into a 2.2 conversion, why scrimp with what gets that power to the pavement.

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