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 Posted: 05-11-2005 08:08 am
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Hi Pete,

thanks for the tips. I will first run the engine with Pertronix Ignitor inside the new distributor housing, with an MSD6a, pertronix coil and magnecore 8.0 wires.

I have been thinking about crankfired ignition, but i had to cut on cost somewhere and i think it will run ok with the above set up for a while until i have saved up to go for the crankfired ignition.

an accusump i don't think i will need. I won't race my JH as my JH is purely built for torque rather than BHP. though you are very right with regards to the oil surge the 907 is known for. Gary Kemps who builds my engine has modified the sump with hinges so the oil will stay in the pan where it is supposed to be.

What he also did is very interesting: the 907 is also known to cough a mist of oil out the crankcase breather hose when driving for long periods of time at high rpm's. He solved this problem by manufacturing a perforated plate. I hope to be able to show a picture of it.

as soon as my engine comes back from the dyno i'll show you the figures

by the way your car looks fantastic!!! I can't wait to experience my engine