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 Posted: 06-30-2007 09:35 pm
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I have watched this debate on available wheels also. There seems two ways to go to me.

1) Have the front and rear hubs drilled at a 4 x 100 mm PCD and fit larger diameter wheel studs. 4 inch = 101.6mm, the 0.4mm would be taken up by going from the 8mm studs to 10mm diameter studs. Would have to be done on a proper milling machine or other precision machine. Downside is no going back when done.

Front wheel drive cars have larger offset than rear wheel drive cars generally. The one car that had good looking wheels and was rear wheel drive was the BMW 3 series from the 1980's ( bottle cap mag ). I have not finished my home work on these yet to see if they are suitable, usually they are 14 inch.

2) Wheel adapters. This solves two problems in one go. You get a spacer to allow you to use standard front wheel drive wheels in a multitude of sizes and offsets and allows the original hubs and studs to stay standard so you can go back to stock if you want.

I am still quite impressed with the JH original wheels as they look smart, are light and seem to run quite true, downside is the wheel nuts ( Alloy wheel nuts are much less forgiving than steel ) and tyre selection as mentioned above.

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