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 Posted: 05-09-2005 07:11 pm
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OK, yesterday I took the choke off. I dissasembled and cleaned it up. I replaced the internal gasket (only one my kit has). Put it back on using the old gasket to side of carb using a very light coat of Wellseal. This fixed the leak problem. However, I am suprised that there is no seal on the shaft end of the choke by the nut. It looks to me like gas can get past the rotating disk and into the outer chamber. It could then leak out the shaft by the nut. I think is where mine was leaking before.

Tuning update. My vacuum retard unit was leaking internally. I disconnected it. Set idle mixture back to datum. Started it up and let it warm up. With timing set at 12^btdc manifold vacuum is 15 Hg. When I blip the throttle it drops and then goes up over 22 Hg as it returns to idle. Seems to run fine now. Idle is fairly steady at 950 to 1000 RPM by the tach on dash. No more smoke out the tailpipe, but it does smell a bit rich. I can now detect the somewhat lumpy idle of the stock cams. Sounds pretty good.

Dwell and idle speed question. To get even close to the recomended 60 deg dwell I had to close my points to about .010 inch. If I set points to .014 to .016 my dwell is in 50 range. These are new points. But I'm now an expert at removing and installing the distributor! Kind of a pain. I think I'll get that Pertronix system soon. Also with my diagnostic meter, the RMP reads 700 RPM while the dash tach reads more like 1000 RPM. How acurate is the stock tach ?

Oil pressure on startup. I have noticed when starting it up cold, I get a couple seconds of knocking before oil pressure comes up. Is this normal on this car ? Right now I have the oil cooler disconnected by removing the adaptor between oil filter and auxilury housing. Using a WIX filter at moment. I have the K&N filter from Delta, just have not put it on yet. Oil pressure is well over 50 psi when cold and about 25 psi when warmed up. Running Castrol GTX 20-50 oil. Gary