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 Posted: 06-30-2007 07:31 pm
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Seems the subject of wheels is a constant.
I was looking at the my rotors and rear brakes when it occured to me....Why not just rotate the pattern 90 degrees and go to a 4 X 100.  But that won't work because the rear axle mounting flange has big holes at 90 degrees and the fronts have a machined out section for the studs.  Maybe the fronts could be worked, but not the rears.
Ok, so since the Jensen Healey is mostly a kit car (no offense), does anybody know where the rotors came from and the rear ends.  Maybe the rear axles and rotors were updated on the later model car from which ours came.  I think the Brits went metric in the early 70's, but were probably still mixing in 1974.
Just thinking out loud.