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 Posted: 06-26-2007 05:30 pm
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As DaveinMD said, the control panel (center console) is difficult to veneer as it is made of very thin S/S with a raised lip and it's not very flat. On 15841 I made a replica of the flat section (excluding the raised perimeter lip) from a sheet of 1/32" steel sheet. Using the original as a master and paying extra attention to the switch cut-outs. I cut and carefully filed these cut-outs until the switches etc. located firmly in them. I then veneered this panel , cut out the holes and re-checked the fit of the switches etc. and primed the back face. I wanted to retain the S/S raised perimeter lip, so as to keep the new panel looking as original as possible. I scribed a line on the orignal panel about  1/4" in from the edge and then cut to this scribe line. I deburred this frame and placed the newly veneered replacement panel on top of it. When finally installed, the CD/radio kept this assembly firmly in place. I sprayed several coats of a water based varnish over all the new veneer.

As Walnut burl has a lot of knots in it and it's very uneven, so I used a veneer softened to 'flatted' it out. This softener must also be used when veneering the glove box and the panel that houses the cigarette lighter & ashtray, as they both have a rolled edge on them. The softener allows you to bend the veneer without breaking it. I used a Walnut burl veneer from Herzogveneers via Ebay to re-veneer all the veneered faces. 

The pics below show all the areas that were reveneered. Good luck, Colin