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 Posted: 06-24-2007 04:27 am
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After reading many of the questions and answers regarding minlites I contacted one of the reps in the US for an official quote.  Here is there response:

Many thanks for your response. I called the guys in England with your request; after they recovered their composure ( ! ) I have a promise of a proposal by next week for the 10 and 20 sets. There will be some options to discuss, including the topic of who would carry the inventory, but we can cross that and other bridges if the numbers can be made to make sense for all of us. The dollar is weak against many currencies at the moment, which doesn't help, but to give you an idea, a 14" x 6" Minilite would list in the region of $195, plus shipping to the US, duty, and other leech-like charges totalling in the region of $25 - $30 per wheel. I must advise that while the 13" wheel is available in the classic "mag-style", the 14" is so far only cast in the later Sport-Style.  I will do my best to take some pictures for you; my race MGB has 14" wheels, of course, so that will be the model. Tooling for the 14" wheel in the Mag-Style is due for completion in a couple of months, so you'll then have a choice.

So this would require at least 10 of us to commit and maybe 20 if the price is right. Probably a deposit with the rep would do the job.  Haven't work out the details yet. More info as it comes in.