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 Posted: 06-21-2007 01:06 pm
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Thank you for all of your input, I will make a collection based on your advice as a good starting point and get a few spare mains to drill if needed, I also have a set of 39 mm chokes currently in the carbs so I will give them a quick try as well to se e what sort of difference it makes, if it is a improvement I will report back. Looks like it is time to contact alfa 175 on the ebay and place a order( I have found them to be excelant in the past).

Judson in relation to the 48 being NLA I believe you are correct, These were second hand and even they were hard to find and as such lot more than I could have got 48 Weber’s for. The rules here only allow the original manufacture and type (but size is free) so they had to be Dellorto DHLA’s.