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 Posted: 06-21-2007 01:06 pm
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Dan (Florida)


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Took the hood off of 19444 the other day to clean and paint the underside. the hood has always had that dent by where the hood prop was mounted but couldn't be reached to pop it back out as the edge bracing covered the top of the dent.  During  the cleanup/ sanding I noticed that the bracing wasn't  attached  to the hood skin except at the very edge of the hood.  I slid a thin flat nail pulling bar under the brace and wiggled it a couple of times and the dent popped  back out.  I would have never thought of doing that without the hood being off and upside down.  Probably picked up another 15-20  mph  in less drag as a result. More if you count the slick finish  under the hood.