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 Posted: 06-18-2007 01:08 pm
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The options the 48 give me are larger chokes whilst still maintaining a good choke to body ratio. If all goes well I may later on have a set of hewland type internals made for the gearbox to allow ratio selection for different tracks, this would also allow a more high revving but shorter power band engine to chase some extra horsepower if needed. The fellow who did the head believes it can be made to produce power over 9000, he is a well respected builder of cosworth and other race engines in Aus so knows what it takes to do this, as does Gary. If I was to try for this type of engine I would need to increase the choke sizes over the limit for 45s, naturally the bottom end is the question here so it will have to prove itself at 8000 before I consider more however the rods were specked to that just in case, but I may have to look at the crank as well. I am hoping I will not need to do this but it will depend whether I can stay with those VW’s on steroids (Porsches) with the engine as it is.

I will post some photos as it nears completion, it has taken 2 years so far but I have all of the tricky parts now, just have to finish the body work and assemble.