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 Posted: 06-18-2007 02:06 am
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Mdutch & JH-19354 here.  I've been absent for several years while I finished raising kids and dealing with massive household remodelling.  But this year my son Geoff turned 21 and after years of silent suffering watching the ole Jensen gather dust, asked me to help him bring this old beast out of mothballs. 

First of all, all restoration work should be considered an attempt to maintain original look and feel and get it back to being a great touring car.  (i.e. I'm okay with using some higher-tech parts, but not making a concours or racing machine here.)

We poking about this weekend and couldn't get it started.  We pulled the air cleaner and I ran a little starting fluid into the air intake.  Varoom.  Okay.  Choked it some more, I smelled bad gas, and noticed the fuel pump was not operating.  Okay, open the boot.  After seeing good voltage at the pump, I reconnected it and did the ole "British CPR" maneuver, thumping on the pump with my hand, which to my son's amazement started it pumping gas like there was no tomorrow.  In a few seconds I realized there was no backpressure, so I shouted to Geoff up by the hood "Where's the gas leak?" He said he saw some dripping, but not enough to justify a big leak.  I ran up front, glanced inside the air cleaner manifold and saw about 12oz of gas in the bottom with an arterial spurt pulsing out of one of the ole Strombergs.

Classic.  And the darn thing was, I felt nothing but waves of love and chuckels at that moment.  We mopped up the mess.  Oh yeah, I found rusty goo in the bottom of the tank, stank up the garage and kicked myself for not draining the fuel sooner.  I'd bet I'm in good company around here! :)  This car was an oily sticky mess when I bought it, but three years under a layer of sawdust hadn't helped.  I digress...

My first inclination was to rebuild the SU pump but these forums seem to lean toward replacement.

But I also don't see a "go to" replacement recommended, and a lot of folks here reporting flaky "new" pumps.  What's the general consensus on pumps?  *I'm happy to "support" our sponsor, but at the same time want to make sure I'm taking full advantage of our "collective wisdom" in the club.  Is Greg's "new" replacment SU the way to go?  Or are there more reliable / better / p out there?

Overall plan is a full fuel system rebuild, boot to bonnet.  Planning a new aluminum tank, hoses (anyone dressing with airline stainless?), and finish with dual Stromberg rebuilds.  Comments?