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 Posted: 06-17-2007 09:54 am
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Hi all

I am chasing a starting point for a set of 48mm dellortos on a 2L 907 race motor. The engine will be going on a engine dyno but as we all know dyno time, jets and venturies are all money so I would like to have a close starting point if possible. Has anyone got experience using 48 mm Dellortos. The engine will be restricted to 8000rpm, cams are about 11mm lift, compression about 11:1 (may be slightly less if the pistons need any more relieving for valve clearance haven’t done the dummy build yet only just got my rods last week after 6 months) usual bigger valves and some porting (not huge) stock manifold just matched to head and carbs . I was thinking of 38-39 venturies as I don't want to loose all of the bottom end (not allowed to run a 6 speed). Yes I know 45 will do however the 48s give me options the 45s don’t if needed.