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 Posted: 06-14-2007 07:04 am
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Just to let ya know.  I got tired of dinking around w/ the calipers.  It's not so easy to find extra TR7 calipers just sitting around to compare w/ what I have.  I could order another pair from elsewhere and see if they fit - but if they don't it's just more time wasted.  I don't know if I was sent the wrong calipers or if there are different TR7 calipers or what. 

So, I ordered some reman's of JH calipers from Delta at 100 bucks a pop.  About the same price as the TR7's.  If I want to get fancy w/ the pads - ala Judson?? - I can send them my pads and they'll put their own magical braking substance on them for the same price as buying their stock TR7 pads. 

Now, I'll keep ya posted on whether the car quits deciding to let one or the other front brake work and have the other take a break (pun intended) or if I have another problem.  I'm hoping that new lines and new calipers do the trick.  I already have a new master cylinder and pads. . .

I don't want to get hard on the brakes to find that she's diving one way or the other any more.  it was kinda fun once.. .