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 Posted: 05-07-2005 01:29 am
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Gary Martin JH 15371


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I just got the engine running after 19 years out of service in JH 15371. I did not rebuild the lower end as the car only had 55,000 miles when it had a carb fire in 1986. Head is rebuilt, all new seals, carbs rebuilt. Engine started on first try even with the timing off quite a bit. Sounds fine, oil pressure over 50 psi. Still using points in dist for now.

Once running I set timing (aprox 7 deg BTDC). I then used a carb synchronizer to equalize carbs. Engine idles, a bit of black smoke out the tail pipe, and idle "Hunts" a bit. After engine is warmed up, if I rev it up, when it returns to idle it almost dies and has trouble getting back to idle again.

There are no vacuum leaks. Bypass valves rebuilt, but caped off as my vacuum switch valve is toast (leaks vacuum to bypass valves all the time). Mixture needles initially set to level with bottom of valve body as instructed in rebuild kit. I have tried leaning mixture about 3 quarters of a turn CCW. Did not seem to change anything much. Idle still hunts around 200 or 300 RPM.

I also notice gas drips from bottom of Choke assembly on front carb. Seems to drip one or two drops after car is shut off. The carb kit did not seem to come with parts to rebuild choke.

Any advice on tuning, and why the choke drips gas ? Don't want it to burn again.

Thanks, Gary