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 Posted: 06-11-2007 03:33 am
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The way I read the info is that the calipers were from a TR6 and might be the same as a TR7. So I went to two web sites, Victoria British and the Car Parts one Ron mentioned and compared calipers for 1976 cars.

I checked both sites for calipers for each car. On each site the parts number for each caliper is different as well as the price. I would think if they would be the same the part number and price would be the same. Wanting more information I looked up the pictures of the two different calipers and they look different. Now there are no dimensions or scale listed so it is impossible to tell from the pictures which would fit.

I even checked a 76 Spitfire that Mark mentioned might fit. The part number for the front caliper is the same as the Healey. So I think we can say the parts are the same.

The only way to be sure is for those who have changed calipers to supply part numbers or to take your Healey calipers to the place and compare them with a TR6 and TR7.

Sounds like a trip to Delta is in order as I need a few more parts any how.